Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro Problems

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro Problems with Expert Solutions

The Triumph Tiger 900 is an immensely popular adventure bike. As it’s engineered with a powerful engine and top-notch materials, having the thrill of speed with optimal comfort seems no longer a mere dream. The stability, performance, and efficiency of the bike are appreciable; the difficulties are also familiar to all. But the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro problems can easily be identified and fixed.

If you own this premium bike, you may be keen to grasp the ways of diagnosing and troubleshooting the issues that you’re encountering on your long drive. Don’t you?  However, just sit back and note the following steps to overcome the common problems that may take away your comfort and agility while driving: Let’s move forward!

What are the most common Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro problems?

A motorcycle consists of countless mechanical parts. These parts become defective and damaged. The flaws ultimately impact the speed and efficiency of the bike. So if you have a bike, you certainly have problems with it. There is nothing to be disappointed about.

Rather, you need to detect them and find the correct method of solution. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list below of the most common problems with precise workarounds.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro Problems
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro Problems

Mileage is not good enough:

The performance of a motorcycle greatly depends on its mileage. On a high-performance bike like the Triumph Tiger 900, everyone expects higher mileage. But unfortunately, some riders complain that the estimation of its mileage is below the mark.

They are unsatisfied with the speed and convenience it provides while riding. The interaction between the rider and the engine is not promising at all, which causes a reduction in working power. There are many more salient reasons behind the problem with mileage.

To get rid of the issue, you can primarily drive at an ideal and constant speed on all types of roads. Besides, you have to always ride the bike with proper air pressure in the tires. You also need to minimize the use of the clutch and maintain your engine oil. To have increased mileage all along, you can meticulously avoid sudden braking and acceleration.

Malfunctioning brakes:

Problems with the brakes on a motorcycle are common. Sooner or later, the brakes get out of order due to excessive use. The Triumph Tiger 900 is also susceptible to the brake issue. When the brake pads are worn out, they start malfunctioning and leave the riders in jeopardy all at once. The damaged brake master cylinder, brake overheating, excessive loss of the brake fluid, and defective springs are also core culprits because of the faulty brakes.

If you’re having brake problems with your Triumph Tiger 900 motorcycle, you need to fix it without delay. To avoid risky driving, you need to identify the main reasons for the problem. Then you have to consult with an experienced mechanic to repair the flaws. The lack of continuous maintenance is considered another main reason for falling brakes. So it’s suggested that you take the best care of the brakes after and before every ride.

A cracked muffler

It’s reported that the poor quality of the muffler causes exhaust issues with the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro bike. That means the deteriorated muffler spoils the bike’s reputation by decreasing performance. Although it’s happening to all bike brands, the chance of affecting Triumph riders seems to be extensive.

As a user, you may discover a massive reduction in power due to a cracked muffler. If there are any exhaust leaks, an unpleasant odor coming from the engine may also annoy you. Over time, your engine may also get permanently damaged if you don’t pay attention to it. How do you solve the muffler issue?

The best prevention is to ensure adequate and regular cleaning of the muffler. You must also make sure that there are no exhaust leaks. If it leaks, you need to seal it as soon as possible. To have relief, you can maintain or replace the cracked muffler, as it’s a common modification.

Increased noise

Are sick of the increased noise of your bike? If so then you have to admit that the engine has an improper detonation. Misfires and backfires are also can be the core reason for the knocking engine. Most noticeably, strange noises arise in the motorcycle if the metallic drive chain becomes severely corroded or kindled.

To be honest, if the sound persists while driving, it may put you in discomfort and danger. How to get rid of the noisy motorcycle? You can primarily get a bike silencer for changing sound and get a better baffle. Try to encompass a quality catalytic converter and change the exhaust pipes.

Besides, you need to grease, clean, and tighten all the moving parts of the motorcycle regularly.  But if nothing can provide you with a solution, you can take your motorcycle to someone who excels at diagnosing issues and silencing the noise.

Suspension issue

Nothing can be a more distressing problem than the suspension issue of a motorcycle. And the Triumph Tiger users always have a concern with its suspension system. It mostly causes due to the heavy weight and high center of gravity of the bike. These are normal but the issue seems to be detrimental when the shock absorber is damaged or worn out. As a consequence of the problem, the bike is prone to lose its stability and control.

Replacement of the entire suspension system can be the best solution to the issue but you can ensure the longevity of the bike’s suspension by adopting a more caring riding style. You can choose a smoother terrain and maintain the fork tube to overcome such a drastic issue. To confront the problem before affecting your bike, you should keep the suspension always clean.

Faulty electrical system

A motorcycle becomes unrivaled when it’s designed with superior and robust electrical systems. But literally, no bike is completely out of the danger of a faulty electrical system. The Triumph Tiger also has several issues with its electrical system that sometimes cause its poor engine performance.

For instance, the failure of the indispensable ignition switch is a must and can make riders suffer the most. Problems with the regulator and pulse generator are also common. Other major parts of the electrical system such as the starter relay, starter motor, stator, and coil also show defective characteristics in the Triumph Tiger.

What is the troubleshooting of them? If you notice a failure in the components of the system, it’s suggested to replace them with new ones to overcome further hassle.

Damaged gearbox

Having problems with gearbox are inevitable for some motorcycles, the Triumph Tiger is one of them. The bike has a significant record of getting out of order abruptly due to the consistent damage in the gearbox. Even when the gearbox gets inflicted severely, the motorcycle can hardly ride safely and optimally.

You may also notice the transmission issues with the Triumph Tiger 900 because of the worn-out gears and bearings, which ask for your first attention as well. The damaged gearbox can also make you struggle to change gears whenever you need it.

Dragging clutch, slipping gears, leaking fluid, and many more symptoms arise when the gearbox gets completely damaged. What is the solution? Without any hesitation, you need to go for a replacement to enhance the longevity of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

The problematic parts always cause serious mechanical problems in a motorcycle. The issues need to be identified and repaired. In this section, we’re going to respond to some of the frequently asked questions, concerned with the queries that you’re seeking to pinpoint and fix the issues with a bike.

Is the Triumph Tiger a powerful motorcycle?

There is no doubt about the power, efficiency, and performance of it as it is engineered with an air-cooled, 803cc engine. The engine can easily produce more than 70 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed transmission.

How many miles will a Triumph Tiger last?

It’s a tricky question to answer directly. The range of mileage varies on the models of the bike. The 800cc to 955cc motorcycles have a lifespan of 180K to 210K miles. The bikes with below 800cc engines can run 250K to 200K miles according to Triumph. But it’s not fixed.

Is Triumph Tiger 900 better than the Tiger 800?

From all points of view, the Triumph Tiger 900 is better than the Tiger 800. First of all, the Tiger 900 is more stable, durable, and agile than the Tiger 800. Besides, the first one has a long mileage and is not too susceptible to damage like the second one.

What is the fuel economy of the Triumph Tiger?

It’s always difficult to gauge the exact fuel economy of the Triumph Tiger. Based on several reports, it is claimed that the bike uses 4.5 to 5 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers. The mileage per liter of the bike is approximately 23.66 km/pl.

Is Triumph Tiger a touring bike?

Yes, the Triumph Tiger is a touring bike as it’s designed with transcontinental touring capability and comfort. It offers straight-line drive on all surfaces and is also a good choice for commuting.  It’s classified as one of the popular superbikes.

Final words:

5No matter how mindful you were at the time of purchasing your Triumph Tiger bike, you will surely encounter problems with it even after riding for a few weeks or months. These arise due to constant riding. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you can hardly overcome the issues without diagnosing and fixing them. So you have to accept the challenge and adhere to the appropriate tactics to troubleshoot them before getting the engine completely damaged.

Based on rigorous research and experience, we already have articulated the common Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro problems with expert solutions. There might be many more minor and major issues with your bike, the possibility of getting relief from them is also high if you can follow the methodologies given above to find an interim solution.

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