triumph trident 660 problems

Triumph Trident 660 Problems and Easy Fixes

The Triumph Trident 660 is designed with a perfect combination of power, maneuverability, comfort, and look. It offers superior efficiency and performance thanks to the incorporation of technological features. With the 660 cc air-cooled engine, it can ensure maximum speed and mileage. Although motor technology has evolved over the past decades, some common issues are still a matter of concern for riders; the Trident is no exception.

The Triumph Trident 600 problems are notable and require immediate solutions. As the owner of such a high-performance, reliable bike, you need to diagnose and fix any potential issues that may perturb you while riding. As you’re already here, you can sit back and take a glance at the following section. We’re going to highlight the major problems with precise solutions below. Let’s dive into the context!

The common Triumph Trident 660 problems and solutions:

No matter how careful you are with your motorcycle, it will cause some setbacks during the riding period. You can’t even blame the manufacturer for some common problems, no matter how costly your bike is. Those issues can be solved at home if you become adept at diagnosing them as soon as they arise. However, here are some of the noteworthy Triumph Trident 660 problems with quick fixes:

triumph trident 660 problems
triumph trident 660 problems
  • Overheating:

A motorcycle has some common and consistent issues, and overheating is undoubtedly one of them. The Triumph Trident 660 is also not free from the devastation of overheating. It might consist of a faulty coolant pump, a low coolant level, and a defective thermostat, which are responsible for causing the engine to overheat. How? A poor coolant pump can’t circulate the coolant through the engine and radiator, which results in excessive heat in the engine system.

Besides, if the thermostat somehow becomes faulty, it affects the coolant flow and temperature, which ultimately makes the engine too hot. And the low coolant level not only heats up the engine but also damages the components. So if your bike is diagnosed with any or all of those issues, you may need to troubleshoot them quickly to avoid a catastrophic situation in the long run.

You can start by replacing the thermostat and water pump if you discover corrosion, noise, or leaks. Never forget to check the coolant level and top it up regularly. Only checking won’t do. You have to replace the contaminated fluids too. Always try to adjust the bike’s carburetor according to a certain standard. Always have your radiator’s coolant flushed.

  • Engine stalling:

There might be diverse issues with a motorcycle. But all these issues are not as harmful as engine stalling. Does the Triumph Trident have it? Yes, its engine also starts dying after running for miles at a stretch. The entire engine department becomes vulnerable to producing adequate power to run the bike at the highest RPM. Due to the engine stalling, the fuel injection lines and MAP sensor hose also get affected.

A lack of oil, insufficient airflow, and improper ignition are considered to be the core reasons for a stalling engine, as they prevent the engine from meeting the rev requirement of the acting gear. Another major culprit in the issue is the bad engine control unit. A defective ECU can’t regulate the engine’s functions properly, which results in a loss of engine power. The massive loss of power diminishes the efficiency and longevity of the engine.

Do you want to explore the best remedy for it? Nothing can be a better option than to go for the replacement of the faulty parts of the engine system. But you can adhere to some tactics to find interim relief from the stalling. Once your engine stalls, you can pull in the clutch slowly and slow down the bike with the brakes. Then pull the lever progressively to stop your bike from stalling in traffic.

  • Gear transmission issue:

The Triumph Trident 660 has a serious gear transmission issue. Owners always complain they have to suffer terribly at the time of riding due to the unpredictable problem with gear shifts. The issue arises when an internal failure occurs in the gearbox. Due to a clash of internal components, the gear shifter becomes loose or damaged.

Besides, the gear shifter disengages from the gears, which forces the bike to drop the gear. Along with the faulty shift mechanism, worn-out gear and bearings can also cause a severe problem with seamless gear transmission. An incorrect chain tension set is regarded as another core culprit in the problem.

If you face such a detrimental setback with your bike, you need to disassemble the gearbox first. Then you have to figure out the faults of the gear shifter and try to engage it again. Try to readjust the poor shifting mechanism by checking the clutch, as it can also contribute to the issue. Always try to make sure the gearbox transmission fluid level is correct.

  • ABS failure:

Although having trouble with the anti-lock brake system is not common on a motorcycle, it often happens on the Triumph Trident 660. And this unusual problem might be the main reason behind the slight drop in its popularity. Due to excessive friction and heat, its rear brake disc becomes prone to distortion. Besides, vibration damping always appears in it to weaken the brake system.

As a result, the riders have to struggle to reduce the speed of the bike in an emergency situation, and ultimately, the problem affects the overall performance. Moreover, instead of increasing stability, the faulty ABS leads to the front or rear wheel locking often, which causes the bike to overturn. If you face an issue with the ABS, you need to replace it with a quality one.

To avoid the issue, you can keep your bike in good condition and try to ride it regularly. In the menu, you can turn off the ABS to prevent the faults. But it’s important to seek out the dealer or a professional mechanic to diagnose the root causes of the issue and repair them.

  • Faulty starter system:

A faulty starter system makes the riders experience the bitterness of riding. As the Triumph Trident 660 has the possibility of not starting at times, owners have to go through hardships to get it running. The bike, early and late, causes problems with starting when the starter relay fails to transfer charge from the battery to the starter system.

When the starter system lacks the appropriate charge, it forces the solenoid to be inactive and ultimately the starter motor to come to a standstill. As a result, the overall starter system goes out of order and can’t turn the flywheel to start the engine. Apart from the faulty electrical connections, corroded solenoids, poor connections, and corrosion on the battery terminals are also responsible for the issue.

In order to get rid of the problem, you can replace the defective parts of the system. The worn-out connections should be repaired. Most importantly, you must desist from cranking your bike for too long. Try to replace the spark plugs and adjust the transmission to prevent your starter system from failing. If possible, use a battery tender to recharge the battery when not in use.

  • Inaccurate fuel gauge:

The problem with the fuel gauge is so disgusting. Despite including a high-end fuel gauge, there might be a wrong read in the fuel gauge on the Triumph Trident bike. And this issue may distract the riders while they are on the long drive. They may get inconsistent readings such as read low when the tank is full, read full when the tank is empty, and false low fuel light.

Even sometimes, due to not having an exact reading of the fuel, riders tend to fall into trouble. Although it’s a software-related issue, a bad sensor, and connector can also cause it. Once you discover your fuel gauge is not providing precise fuel information, you need to troubleshoot it as soon as possible. Primarily, you can reset the fuel gauge to let it function properly.

If it doesn’t work, you can get a replacement. Along with the gauge, you also need to replace the blown fuses and corroded wiring, which might also be the culprit for the incorrect fuel tank reading. Keep in mind that a low battery can make the fuel gauge show the wrong reading. So you have to make sure the battery is fully recharged.

  • Leaking oil:

Riders always regret having excessively leaking oil. They know how disastrous the issue is, as it breaks their bank. The Triumph Trident 600 is also susceptible to oil leakage, which usually stems from a cracked oil sump, a loose oil drain plug, or a faulty oil filter. Oil can seep out of the tank once the oil filter is damaged or the oil drain plug is loosened.

The possibility of leaking oil becomes high when the oil sump becomes completely corroded, cracked, or dented. As the issue causes oil to drip from the bottom of the engine, the chance of the engine and other significant components being damaged increases. That means the issue requires quick troubleshooting. How to solve it?

Initially, you can repair the punctured or dented air filter and keep the oil drain plug tightened. But if the problem persists, you have to replace them with the oil sump. You can also prevent oil from leaking by replacing the old valve gasket, worn-out piston rings, and cracked engine block, as these can also be the salient reasons for the issue.

  • Clogged air filter:

A clogged air filter causes multiple issues with a motorcycle. Misfiring of the engine, a drop in fuel efficiency, and dark smoke from the exhaust are some of the notable symptoms of a dirty air filter. During startup, a poor air filter results in annoying noise from the engine along with the odor of fuel. And unfortunately, all these things happen to the Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle.

Riders always express their despair that they find poor performance from such a powerful bike only due to clogged air filters, as they always restrict airflow to the engine. They also go through hassles while driving because of the defective idle air control valves. However, the manufacturer can’t protect against dirt and stains. It’s your duty to keep your bike free from the impact of contaminants.

What should you do? You can remove the visible dirt from the air filter and valve. Without any delay, you need to clean them once the debris has accumulated. But if you discover any punctures or damage in the filter, you need to replace it with a quality one. Depending on the type of filter, you have to take it to maintenance after a few months to avoid any mess.

Frequently asked questions:

We’ve covered almost all the salient problems with the bike. Now it’s time to talk about something different. In this section, we’re going to respond to some frequently asked questions to help you acquire more queries.

Does the Triumph Trident 660 have a defective throttle position sensor?

To be honest, it’s impossible to say the bike has a defective throttle position sensor. The manufacturer always includes quality components. But a few bikes may include a faulty throttle position sensor.

Is the Triumph Trident 660 worth buying?

Definitely, there is no doubt that it’s one of the best motorcycles on the market. It provides everything a biker needs to enjoy a smooth, fast, and comfortable ride.

Is the Triumph Trident 660 fast?

The Triumph Trident has gained fame for its fastness. It can surpass all its competitors in terms of speed and mileage. In decent conditions, the bike can run at up to 127 mph.

What is the fuel economy of the Trident 660?

The Trident 660 has a fabulous fuel economy of 17.47 kmpl. It also has a quick shifter and an advanced braking system to make the ride memorable.

Does the Trident 660 have a slipper clutch?

Yes, the bike is loaded with a slipper clutch. It also encompasses an anti-lock braking system and a traction control system to provide the riders with sublime safety.

Final words:

The Triumph Trident 660 is an incredible motorcycle with plenty of special features. Its specifications are appreciable, and the appearance is mind-blowing. That’s why the bike has a huge fan base around the globe. But nothing is beyond imperfections in this universe; the Triumph Trident is not an exception at all. It also has some defects that make the riders suffer while riding. Except for a few, almost all the issues can be solved with ease.

The Triumph Trident 660 problems are marked with the exact solutions above. If you face any of the issues mentioned with your bike, you can apply the strategies given above to identify and troubleshoot them. But if you find them cumbersome to fix after a few trials, you surely need to seek out an experienced mechanic to protect your dream bike from getting damaged.

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