Suzuki Intruder 1400 problems

Suzuki Intruder 1400 Problems and Ways to Fix Them

The Suzuki Intruder 1400 is a renowned, sought-after, and reliable motorcycle. It’s engineered with quality parts, a powerful engine, and a classical design, which make it the epitome of modern motor engineering. Being a mechanical device, it’s not beyond problems. Some Suzuki Intruder 1400 problems are manageable, while others require experienced technicians to be fixed.

Based on rigorous analysis and research, we’ve compiled a list of issues that you may face if you’re a Suzuki lover. As the queries are collected from real bikers’ forums and reviews, there is no chance of misleading you. We also extracted the best possible solutions to these issues to help you out. So you just need to scroll down until the end to acquire something phenomenal.

Suzuki Intruder 1400 problems
Suzuki Intruder 1400 problems

What are the serious Suzuki Intruder 1400 problems?

Having problems with a bike is typical. But sometimes it seems costly to fix some minor issues because of a lack of proper ideas. If you desire to troubleshoot all the upcoming issues yourself, you need to acquire the ability to detect them first. Then you have to find out the instant solutions that can exempt you from long-term suffering and protect your bike from damage. Here are the problems with solutions:

  • Clutch slipping:

Experiencing the best riding performance seems unthinkable if a bike has a dying clutch in the engine. The Suzuki Intruder 1400 is also prone to get struck by the clutch slippage issue, which can ultimately dismantle the overall maneuverability and performance. Once the problem appears, an erratic transfer of power causes the engine to fail as the pressure plate fails to hold the friction plates against the flywheel. As a result, friction plates can’t provide adequate friction.

Meanwhile, the riders have to struggle to turn on or off the power to the rear wheel with a view to changing gears. The production of squeaking sounds increases, and the acceleration mechanism becomes vulnerable. Overall, the clutch slipping issue prevents the efficiency and momentum of the bike. How to solve this problem? The only solution is to replace the faulty clutch. But you can also comply with some precautions to avoid clutch slippage.

Primarily, you need to be decisive about gear changes and use the handbrake when parking. Overfilling the oil to feed the clutch plates can be another considerable solution. Also, you need to change the bike’s oil and fuel the engine parts to avoid any wear and tear due to friction. If possible, try to use a heavier spring that will help the clutch produce maximum torque.

  • Bad carburetor:

The symptoms of a failing carburetor in a bike are common. A bad carburetor causes a massive reduction in power, overheating, hard starting, black smoke from the exhaust, and many more serious issues on a motorcycle. The problems with the carburetor are also addressed in the Suzuki Intruder 1400, which usually puts the riders in great trouble. Due to the issue, riders have to experience lower acceleration and a bad odor while riding the bike.

As a rider of this bike, you will have to face diverse difficulties, including poor throttle response, a rough idle, excessive fuel consumption, and so on. Most importantly, the defective carburetor will decrease the mileage of your bike to a great extent, which you never want. And the problems will persist until you solve them. How to fix the issue? You can primarily clean the carburetor if there is no corrosion.

But if any wear and tear are available across the components like the engine gasket, exhaust, cylinders, and controls, you may try to replace them. You can also reposition the idle screw to return the carburetor to its original form of operation. If it causes poor air and fuel mixtures after adopting all these steps, you may decide to replace the whole carburetor.

  • Stator rectifier problem:

A stator rectifier is a key component of a motorcycle. It regulates the voltage of a battery and converts the alternating current into direct current. If the rectifier becomes defective, it tends to provide the battery of the motorcycle with less DC power. Over time, it weakens the battery and forces it to work harder with less power. That means a faulty rectifier makes the battery depleted and eventually reduces the starting power of the bike.

There might arise many more issues with the motorcycle once the stator rectifier goes out of order; a dimmed headlight is one of them. How do you repair a bad rectifier? Apparently, a replacement can be the best solution. You can also ensure proper maintenance and care of the bike’s electrical system. Diagnosing the charging issue can also prevent stator failure.

  • Faulty battery:

There is a rumor that the Suzuki Intruder 1400 comes with a poor battery. The truth is no longer obscured for the riders, as they always experience issues with the battery. Encountering battery leakage has been a usual occurrence for users, as its battery can hardly provide a consistent charge while riding. Apart from that, you, as a user, may also face battery charging difficulties more often due to the integration of a defective alternator.

And it’s known to all that a faulty battery can lead to permanent engine damage. So you need to justify the seriousness of the problem first. If the battery is expired, you need to replace it without delay. But if it’s fresh news, then you have to use a multimeter to bring it back on track. Besides, you can attach a quality alternator to overcome battery weakness and depletion.

  • Failing fuel pump:

A robust motorcycle like the Suzuki Intruder can cause fuel pump difficulties, which may seem somewhat unbelievable. But you must admit the reality. Bikers always complain about its failing fuel pump. You may also detect the issues in the long run. How can you grasp that your bike has a faulty fuel pump? Primarily, you will experience bike surging, stumbling, and engine stalling. Over time, it won’t perform as per its standards, and frequent strange noises will come from the engine.

What is the possible solution to it? Initially, you need to inspect the fuel flow. If the flow of fuel is not seamless, you have to fine-tune it by replacing the pump. Needless to say, you’re bound to drain and rinse the fuel tank regularly to keep it functioning. You also need to replace the old fuel with new fuel to avoid any interruption in the flow of fuel.

  • Starter relay failure:

A starter relay failure can maximize the possibility of getting a bike damaged overnight. Due to the defective starter relay, the bike fails to maintain a fair connection between the battery and the starter. Consequently, it becomes terribly unresponsive, and you have to struggle to start it. The faulty real solenoid also prevents a consistent flow of power, which means it leads the bike to reduce power.

There might be several reasons behind the problem; faulty wiring and connections, a worn-out starter relay, and low voltage from the battery are some of the notable ones. No matter how the relay is affected, you will encounter diverse difficulties, including a slow crank in the engine and a dead battery. How to fix the issue? At first, you can disassemble it to remove any dirt, moisture, or debris. If you find wear, tear, and fading, then you must replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, you know the common difficulties with the bike that belongs to you. Also, you have a solid understanding of their quick fixes. In this section, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions that may also come in handy for you.

Is the Suzuki Intruder 1400 fuel-efficient?

There is no doubt about the fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Intruder. It can run miles with less fuel compared to its rivals. But the consumption of fuel might be high if there is any problem with the carburetor.

Are Suzuki Intruder 1400 parts expensive?

The Suzuki Intruder is designed with high-quality, professional-grade parts to ensure optimal longevity and performance. If the parts somehow get damaged, they need to be replaced with the original ones. And the original parts are somewhat expensive, but not too much.

Does the Suzuki 1400 have good engines?

Of course, the Suzuki 1400 motorcycle is well-known worldwide for its powerful engine. With a 1360 cc, 45° V-twin SOHC engine, it can generate maximum power and torque to ensure a smooth and effortless ride on all surfaces.

How long do Suzuki 1400 engines last?

It’s claimed that a properly maintained Suzuki 1400 engine can last for more than 200,000 miles at a stretch. The engine’s life can also be extended, depending on various factors. But the average lifespan is always above the standard.

Which type of bike is the Intruder 1400?

The Suzuki Intruder 1400 is a cruiser bike. This incredible motorcycle offers outstanding performance, ensuring a comfortable ride all along. It’s considered to be one of the most sought-after bikes on the market.

Final Words

The Suzuki Intruder 1400 is a fast, efficient, and powerful motorcycle. The look and fitness of the bike can draw anyone’s attention. In terms of performance, mileage, and loading capacity, only a few bikes can compete with it. Despite all its merits, the Suzuki Intruder 1400’s problems can’t be concealed. Some awkward issues with it are often addressed in the course of riding. But the good news is that the problems are common and can’t be fixed quickly.

Throughout the article, we’ve highlighted the most potential Suzuki Intruder problems along with their appropriate solutions. If you’ve been dreaming of having an ideal ride all along, you need to get your hands dirty with them anyway. Besides, you have to adhere to regular maintenance of your bike to boost its performance and longevity. You should always be aware of new, unwanted problems to get rid of them without any serious damage.

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