Buell XB12R Problems

Buell XB12R Problems, Complaints and Defects

Are you encountering problems with your Buell XB12R motorcycle? If so, then you’re not alone. Bikers always come across man-made and mechanical issues when they are on the driveway. The problems are common and can be fixed with ease. All you need to do is identify the core Buell XB12R problems and develop the appropriate solutions. How? It’s very straightforward.

In this article, we will articulate the significant drawbacks of the Buell bike and the effective mechanisms of overcoming them. What do you need to do now? You just need to look over the entire article to excel at pinpointing and solving the issues that may put your bike engine in jeopardy in the long run. Without further ado, let’s dive into the context!

Buell XB12R Problems
Buell XB12R Problems

Common Buell XB12R problems and solutions:

The attrition of all the mechanical stuff determines the end of the lifespan of a bike. But, too, in the initial period, you have to face numerous issues with your motorcycle. No matter what the brand of your bike is, some problems will always arise to humiliate you. But you don’t need to be embarrassed at all, as there are some quick workarounds. Here are the most common Buell XB12R problems and solutions:

Cracked frames near engine mounts:

During your ride in your Buell XB12R, you will stumble many times. Having the engine mounts crash can be one of the standout reasons for your suffering. Over time, you will discover cracked frames near the engine mounts of your motorcycle. Even within a short time, you will find the mounts severely weak. Although the motorcycle is equipped with vibration-isolating engine mounts, it seems the mounts are not robust enough.

To be fair, the Buell XB12R is manufactured with rubber mounts that are susceptible to cracks and crashes. As a result, the vibration sneaks through the handlebars and the firm seat, which is really annoying. What is the solution? In this case, you can replace the rubber mounts with solid mounts. But it is worth noting that the newly assembled solid mounts can tear the bike apart as the bike is not compatible with them.

Leaky carburetor gaskets:

Almost all bikers unanimously admit that the Buell XB12R motorcycle always causes leaky carburetor gaskets. The leaks are prone to causing stuttering, backfiring, and poor performance through the carburetor. They also lean out the air-fuel mixture. They can even make the engine permanently damaged over time. How do you fix a leaky carburetor?

To do so, you can perform some maintenance tasks. First, you need to clean the carburetor gaskets. Then you can replace the rubber-tipped needle valve. Try to spray some compressed air into the valve. If you are still struggling with the Buell XB12R carburetor problem, then you may want to rebuild the carburetor.

Cracked cylinder head:

A cracked cylinder head on a motorcycle can veer off the overall riding experience. You may find your cylinder head cracked while you’re driving in full swing. This can be caused either by overheating or by a sudden impact with the engine. As a consequence of the issues, your engine may go to complete failure in no time. This discrepancy can cause countless leaks across the engine, making it totally out of order.

In order to prevent your Buell XB12R engine from having this problem, you can primarily install new cylinder heads. But you can also repair the cracks by welding both sides. Keep in mind that a cracked head can also cause cracked clamps and a damaged frame. You may also come across Buell blast transmission problems if your motor encompasses heads that are susceptible to cracking.

Worn-out bearings:

The effects of contaminants and improper lubricants force the bearings to wear away soon. If you find a disturbance with the bearings, you can be sure that your motorcycle engine has a serious lubrication problem. And the problem is so detrimental that it can lead the engine to permanent failure. Besides, the issue can cause the engine to run rough even on smooth roads.

It’s no wonder that you will always stumble unless you fix the worn-out bearings. How do you fix them? To put it straight, there is no other option but to change the bearings once they wear out. So it’s imperative for you to replace the bearings to avoid future Buell XB12R shifting problems.

Higher oil consumption:

A motorcycle runs on a decent amount of oil. But the consumption of oil sometimes goes higher than the proposed rate. And it mostly happens to the Buell XB12R, according to a bunch of reliable reports. Users are habituated to complaining about the excessive need for oil to keep their bikes running. You may have also experienced it. This issue occurs due to oil leaks, as oil starts pooling under the bike.

To get rid of such a costly issue, you must take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic. The mechanic will find out the exact reason behind the problem by applying some mechanical instruments. If you want to fix it yourself, you can check all the connections and gaskets for leaks. If you find any leaks, then you can get them repaired.

Dirty oil:

Having dirty oil in the engine is another common but serious issue. You can’t underestimate the issue, as it can lead to the engine being out of order. This problem arises because of several factors. Using cheap oil and not changing the oil regularly are the main causes.

There is a simple solution to the problem. All you need to do is change the oil at specific intervals to prevent contaminants from building up. Always try to change the oil as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Faulty radiator:

A radiator plays a vital role in maximizing the performance of an engine. It controls the overall cooling system of the engine by dissipating the excess heat from the engine into the atmosphere. It also prevents the accumulation of heat in the engine and brings the temperature moderately down.

But the cooling system suffers if the radiator stops functioning properly. The malfunctioning of the radiator causes overheating in the engine. Eventually, overheating causes significant engine damage. If the radiator has only leaked, you can fix the leaks. But if you find it totally damaged, you need to replace it.

Damaged alternator:

While you are dealing with your dream motorcycle, you may notice it is a little bit sluggish. Besides, you may find it cumbersome to start the bike. As long as you drive, the bike will keep sputtering. The battery won’t hold the charge as well. And all these bad signs appear on the bike because of the damaged alternator.

So it’s mandatory to solve the problem. You can easily rebuild a faulty alternator to avoid all the potential troubles. All you need to do is disconnect the battery and remove the serpentine belt. Then you need to unbolt the alternator and remove the wiring. After that, you have to clean up all the stuff and reinstall it. You may also ask for help from a professional mechanic.

Headlight problem:

The last but not least problem with the Buell XB12R motorcycle is the headlight problem. During the riding period, you will abruptly discover your headlights are not working. You will find the high and low beam indicators are not working either.

This issue occurs because of a bad ground connection under the flyscreen. The damaged relay, blown fuse, and wiring problems are also the culprits for the inactivity of the headlights. In this case, you can check the headlight circuit and replace the fuse with a new one.

Frequently asked questions:

There are countless questions asked online regarding the Buell XB12R. Some of the questions need to be answered. We’re going to answer a few commonly asked questions below.

What is the top speed of the Buell XB12R?

Compared to other brands of motorcycles, the Buell XB12R always offers top speed. It’s said that the speed range of the bike is 135–155 mph. It also has the maximum fuel capacity to ensure optimal speed when running.

What engine is in the XB12R?

The motorcycle is manufactured with the 1203 cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine. The engine is capable of making 103 peak horsepower at 6800 rpm and 84 ft. lbs. It encompasses a four-stroke, pushrod-actuated overhead-valve, hydraulic self-adjusting lifters, and two valves per cylinder.

What CC is a Buell XB12R?

The Buell XB12R is a reliable motorcycle in the present market. It has a 1203 cc (73 cu in) motor capacity. The air-cooled cooling system and 10:1 compression ratio make it more unique and impeccable.

Can you ride the Buell XB12R with low oil?

There is nothing wrong with riding a bike with low oil. But it always seems risky for the longevity and efficiency of your bike. Driving a bike with low oil can damage the moving parts of the engine. Besides, there might emerge friction among the mechanical stuff.

Is the Buell XB12R reliable?

Of course, the Buell XB12R is one of the most reliable motorcycles on the market. It has a pretty good reputation for reliability, longevity, and performance. Even so, it requires less maintenance compared to other bikes.

Final words:

The Buell XB12R is a dream motorcycle, as it offers an immersive riding experience. No matter whether the roads are bumpy or smooth, the bike always enables riders to ride at high speed with no mechanical issues. Despite all the conveniences, bikers often encounter some common issues. As a Buell user, you may have already experienced the most common Buell XB12R problems. There is nothing to worry about, as you can solve all the potential issues yourself.

The tactics for identifying all the problems are described above. Most importantly, the effective mechanisms for fixing those issues are also explained succinctly to help you out. Now it’s your turn to hone your expertise and apply it in real life. If you can abide by the steps properly, you can surely get rid of turbulence and hassles in the course of riding. Don’t try to fix a problem that is beyond your means.

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