Buell Blast Problems

Buell Blast Problems and Solutions

The Buell Blast motorcycle offers unrivaled features and can withstand excessively lean conditions to allow bikers to have an unforgettable adventure all along. If you’re a Buell Blast enthusiast, you’ve surely experienced the innovative facilities. It’s undeniable that you are also encountering some common issues with your top-notch engine. Aren’t you? Yes, you are; that’s why you’ve landed here.

Luckily, you’re in the right place, as you’re going to be introduced to the most possible Buell Blast problems and solutions. Throughout the article, we will address the core reasons behind the problems and the most feasible workarounds. If you can dive deeper into the article, you can acquire the knowledge necessary to identify the issues and fix them overnight. Let’s move on!

Buell Blast Problems
Buell Blast Problems

Common Buell Blast problems and solutions:

Having issues with your Buell Blast motorcycle is not an unprecedented event at all. These occur over time. You just need to pinpoint them and apply the exact strategies to get them fixed. But your apathetic mind may cause serious damage to your bike. So it’s inevitable that you take immediate action to let your bike engine run smoothly. Here are a few common Buell Blast problems with appropriate solutions:

Sticky rocker gasket:

One of the major problems with Buell Blast is the sticky rocker gasket. A rocker gasket is a rubber or cork gasket. The gasket sometimes becomes so sticky that it seems impossible to seal the junction between two surfaces in the engine. Many factors contribute to the issue with the engine. Unbalanced carbon deposits and improper lubrication are the main culprits.

Once the problem arises in the engine, oil starts leaking from the gasket. The engine is forced to run roughly and eventually goes to complete failure. And it causes a serious impact on the overall performance and activities of the engine. It also causes Buell Blast transmission problems. How do you solve this? The most appropriate method is to replace the rocker gasket as soon as possible.

Once you replace the gasket, it will work seamlessly without getting sticky more often. You need to note that the new one may get sticky in the long run. In this case, you need to keep the valve gasket cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will cost you time and labor.

Losing power:

If you ask what the most frequent issue of the Buell Blast is, the answer will be nothing but losing power. All bike enthusiasts indisputably admit that the constant diminishing of power is a big concern of it. If you ride at a high speed, you will experience a substantial reduction in power over time. There might be diverse reasons behind the dwindling of power, but the faulty electrical system is considered to be the most notable one.

If your motor has loose wiring and a damaged alternator, it will hardly be capable of running at full efficiency. A dead battery can also lead to the drastic failure of your engine. A defective air filter can be another pitfall for your sluggish engine. To solve this problem, you initially need to repair the complete electrical system of the engine. Besides, you have to change the air filter.

Carburetor and idle issue:

It’s almost impossible to find an engine without a carburetor issue. The Buell Blast carburetor problem is also apparent to all. Due to the complications in the carburetor, there is a setback in the supply of the mixture of fuel and air in the engine. Besides the storage chamber of the liquid fuel, the idling jet, and the choke become unable to work flawlessly.

Eventually, the speed of the engine becomes drastically lower. Sometimes, you may discover black smoke constantly coming from the exhaust. To fix the issue, you first need to check if there is corrosion on the carburetor. If so, then you need to replace it. If there is no corrosion, then you can disassemble the carburetor and clean the mechanical components.

Using excessive oil:

Are you breaking the bank solely to fuel your bike’s engine? If so, then you can be sure that your engine has an oil leak. Once your engine is leaking oil, you will see oil pooling under your bike. To be honest, it’s a common problem that happens to all brands of motor engines. And fortunately, it has an easy solution too.

How do you fix it? First, you need to check all the connections and gaskets inside the engine in case there are any leaks. If you don’t find leaks there, you may monitor the cylinder head. Diagnose whether the cylinder head is cracked or not. If it’s cracked, you need to consult with a professional mechanic.

Coolant leaks:

As the Buell Blast engine is considered susceptible to leaks like other engines, coolant leaks can also occur on it. Coolant leaks happen when the engine’s cooling system fails to build moderate pressure and gets overheated. The existence of a faulty radiator, a damaged gasket, and a loose hose into the engine are signs of coolant leakage. You can also identify the leakage if you discover a light-colored residue or stain among the mechanical stuff organized inside the engine.

Unless you fix the leaks quickly, your engine will go out of order soon. To fix the issue, you can tighten the clamp with a screwdriver. You can opt to insert new clamps if you can afford it. The faulty radiator also needs to be replaced. If possible, try to replace the cracked hoses, as they always appear to be the main culprits.

Knocking sound:

One of the most frustrating problems with the Buell Blast engine is the knocking sound. You may hear an irritating knocking noise more often while your engine is running. As the sound comes from the engine’s crankshaft and conrods, you have to take it seriously. This issue calls for an urgent solution to rescue your engine from getting abruptly damaged. Why does the engine make a knocking sound? There might be several reasons. An improper combustion process is the chief one.

Meanwhile, collapsing bearings and worn big-end shells are also responsible for generating an annoying sound. Low-octane fuel, insufficient fuel mixture, and improper timing are also culprits in the beeping noise. To solve it, you can try to switch to a higher-octane fuel. Then check your timing carefully. If you still face the issue, you can replace the bearings and piston rings.

Starting problem:

The Buell Blast starting problem is known to all. Owners always complain that they struggle to start their motorcycles. This occurs due to the failure of the ignition system. Moreover, if the spark plugs stop working seamlessly, they cause serious problems with starting.

If you’re sick of starting your bike, you can diagnose and repair the ignition system. Then you can clean up the spark plugs to get them to work uninterruptedly. Replace them if you still do not find it comfortable to start your engine.

Final words:

The Buell Blast motorcycles are becoming more sought-after and adorable day by day. People have unfathomable reliance on them as they come with advanced features and technological touch. They provide everything to expand one’s riding ventures. Despite all the merits, there are some demerits too. You may encounter manifold Buell Blast problems in the course of running. Although the issues are common, you need to fix them promptly to avoid troublesome conditions in the long run.

As we have covered all the major problems with ethereal solutions, we hope you can make your engine run smoothly and efficiently at all times. All the issues can be fixed by yourself if you are devoted to the working procedures. But if you find any problems beyond your ability, you can take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic to get it perfectly repaired.

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