Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Harley Davidson batteries are made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Yuasa Battery, Inc. Yuasa is a global leader in battery manufacturing and has been supplying Harley-Davidson with quality batteries since 1924. Their batteries are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and feature advanced technology for superior performance, durability, and reliability.

They use high-density active material that holds more energy than standard lead acid cells and also has higher cranking power for quicker starting engines. The company offers several different types of battery lines specifically designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles including heavy-duty AGM motorcycle batteries as well as lithium-ion options engineered to last longer than traditional lead acid models.

If you’re a Harley Davidson enthusiast, then you know the importance of having a reliable and powerful motorcycle battery. After all, your bike won’t be able to start or keep running if it doesn’t have enough juice! So who makes Harley Davidson batteries?

The answer is Yuasa Battery Inc., which has been making batteries for motorcycles since 1976. Yuasa has earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality automobile and motorcycle batteries in the world. Their products are specifically designed to meet the needs of Harley Davidson enthusiasts, so you can rest assured that your battery will be up to the task when it comes time to hit the road.

When purchasing a new battery from Yuasa, there are several options available depending on what type of model you own and how much power output is required. For instance, their YTX20L-BS 12v sealed lead acid (SLA) AGM Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery offers an impressive 18 amp hours with no need for maintenance or topping off with water – just install and go! They also offer lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4) that provide even more energy storage but come at a higher cost than SLA models.

Does Harley-Davidson Make Their Own Batteries?

When it comes to Harley-Davidson, one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world, many people wonder if they make their own batteries. The answer is no – while they do manufacture a wide range of products and components for motorcycles, battery production isn’t part of that. Harley-Davidson has been producing motorcycles since 1903 and has grown into an iconic brand around the world.

Despite this tremendous success, they have chosen not to enter into the battery manufacturing business. This decision was likely made in order to focus on what Harley-Davidson does best – making high-quality motorcycles with innovative technology and design features that set them apart from other brands. Instead of producing their own batteries, Harley-Davidson relies on outside companies to provide them with reliable power sources for their bikes.

They work closely with these suppliers in order to ensure that all batteries used are up to standard and can deliver consistent performance over long periods of time without any issues arising. As a result, riders can enjoy peace of mind when buying a new bike or upgrading an existing one as far as its electrical system goes – knowing that there will be no problems down the line related specifically to battery quality or functioning.

What Kind of Batteries Do Harleys Use?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a variety of different types of batteries, depending on the model and year. Most modern Harleys come with either a sealed lead acid (SLA) or an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. Both types are maintenance-free and offer good performance in the harsh conditions that Harley riders tend to experience while out on the road.

The SLA battery is an older technology but is still used by many Harley owners due to its affordability and wide availability. The main advantage of this type of battery is its long shelf life; it can last up to five years without needing to be recharged or replaced. However, they do require periodic maintenance such as topping off water levels and charging when necessary.

The AGM battery offers superior performance over traditional SLA batteries, although they typically cost more money than their counterparts. These batteries have higher cranking power which allows them to start engines more quickly in cold weather conditions, as well as improved reliability for those riding under extreme temperature ranges or at high altitudes where the air pressure changes rapidly from one moment to another.

How Long Does a Harley-Davidson Battery Usually Last?

When it comes to owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, one of the key components you will need to consider is how long your battery should last. If you own a Harley-Davidson bike and have ever experienced starting issues due to an old or weak battery, then you know all too well how important this component can be. Generally speaking, most batteries on a Harley Davidson motorcycle can last anywhere between 3-5 years.

However, depending on factors such as usage and maintenance schedules, they could potentially last even longer than that; some riders have reported their batteries lasting up to 7 years! It’s also worth noting that in order for your Harley Davidson’s battery life expectancy to remain optimal over time, regular servicing and replacement when needed are essential steps. To help prolong the lifespan of your motorcycle’s battery it is also recommended that whenever possible owners keep their vehicle stored indoors with temperature control settings during periods of non-use – this helps reduce any unnecessary strain on the battery from extreme cold or hot temperatures outside which could cause damage over time.

Who Makes Hd Battery?

HD batteries are a type of long-lasting, high-capacity rechargeable battery primarily used in industrial applications. The most common HD batteries today are lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead acid (PbA). While these two types are the most popular, there are also Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), and other variations available on the market.

When it comes to who makes HD batteries, there is no single answer as different manufacturers make different types of HD batteries with their own unique designs and features. As such, the best way to find out who makes an HD battery that suits your application is by doing some research on the various options available. Some of the leading manufacturers include Panasonic, LG Chemicals, BYD Auto Company Ltd., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Johnson Controls Incorporated, and Hitachi Chemical Co.

Ltd. Each one offers a range of products tailored for specific commercial or industrial needs – from small portable devices to large stationary backup power solutions.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries
Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Deka Motorcycle Batteries

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful battery for your motorcycle, look no further than Deka Motorcycle Batteries. With over 50 years of experience in the power sports industry, Deka is one of the most respected names in motorcycle batteries. Their products are designed to provide maximum performance, reliability, and durability under extreme conditions.

Deka offers a wide variety of batteries to meet virtually any need including dry cell, wet cell, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Gel Cell, and lithium-ion-based designs that provide superior starting power and increased cycle life compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

All models feature advanced technology such as high-temperature tolerance up to 140°F/60°C; vibration resistance which helps extend battery life; sealed construction that prevents electrolyte spills; heavy-duty plates made from premium materials; reinforced container design; low self-discharge rate even when not used regularly and improved charge acceptance while providing consistent output voltage.

No matter what type of bike you own – street bike or dirt bike – there’s a perfect-size battery available from Deka that will fit your application perfectly without compromising on quality or performance.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Lithium Batteries

If you’re a Harley Davidson enthusiast, then you know that the iconic motorcycle brand uses lithium batteries in its vehicles. But who makes these powerful and reliable power sources for these classic bikes? We’ll answer that question here, so read on to learn more about the company behind Harley Davidson Lithium Batteries.

Harley Davidson lithium batteries are manufactured by Antigravity Batteries, one of the leading companies producing high-performance battery packs for motorcycles, power sports, and electric vehicles.

Founded in 2010 by two motorsport engineers with extensive experience in the design and development of performance products, Antigravity has become an industry leader thanks to its advanced technology and innovative designs.

The company produces a range of different types of lithium batteries designed to fit within various models and sizes of Harley Davidsons (as well as other brands).

These include both conventional 12V lead-acid batteries as well as lightweight AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries which use non-aqueous electrolytes instead of liquid acid.

Harley Davidson Battery Vs Aftermarket

If you’re a Harley Davidson owner, you know the importance of keeping your bike in tip-top shape. One of the essential components to keep your motorcycle running is its battery. As riders, we have two options when it comes to selecting a battery for our Harleys: an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or an aftermarket option.

But which one should you choose? We’ve broken down the differences between Harley Davidson batteries and aftermarket batteries so that you can make an educated decision about what’s best for your ride. Harley Davidson Batteries: The Pros & Cons

A major advantage of buying a Harley Davidson battery is that it was designed specifically for your model of bike—meaning there won’t be any compatibility issues with other parts on your motorcycle. Additionally, they come pre-charged and ready to install right out of the box! On top of that, these batteries typically boast longer lifespans than aftermarket versions due to their optimized design tailored specifically for use in HD motorcycles.

However, one downside is that they tend to be more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts—so if budget is an issue then this may not be the best option for you.


If you’re looking for a reliable, powerful battery to power your Harley Davidson motorcycle, then you’ve come to the right place! Harley Davidson batteries are manufactured by Yuasa Battery Inc., located in Germany. With over 90 years of experience in producing high-quality and durable batteries, they have become the go-to brand for many top motorcycle brands around the world.

Yuasa produces a range of different types of Harley Davidson batteries that fit almost any model and feature ultra-low self-discharge rates so you can be sure that your battery will always start when needed. The company also offers an extended warranty on their products which ensures peace of mind should anything ever happen to it down the road. So if you need a dependable battery for your Harley – look no further than Yuasa!


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